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Why you should be taking Google's latest announcement seriously

Published: March 19 2015

The clock is ticking. Time to get a mobile-friendly website.

Google has a big change coming down the pipe for how it ranks mobile search results. On April 21, 2015, Google will be rolling out some changes to their search algorithm for mobile devices that will favour mobile friendly websites. Since mobile searches make up nearly half of all searches on Google, this is going to impact a lot of websites!

So what does the algorithm change mean to you?

If your website is not mobile-friendly, it is less likely to rank well when a potential consumer completes a search from a mobile device.  Google has said the change they are rolling out will not affect desktop-based searches.

How do you know if your site might be affected?

It is pretty easy to tell if your website is mobile friendly. The quickest and easiest way is to just look at your website on a mobile device like your phone. Does it look good? If it does, and you don't need to zoom in, or scroll horizontally to access any of your website content, you are probably good to go!

mobile test

Another way to check is to jump on Google's Mobile-Friendly Test website. You can just pop in your website address and Google will tell you if your site is mobile friendly.

What do you do if your website is not mobile friendly?

You are going to want to look at creating a mobile version of your website, or perhaps redesigning your website to be responsive. A responsive website design allows your site to look good on both desktop and mobile environments.

If you have any questions about the latest Google update, or any other digital marketing/website questions, feel free to reach out to us at any time!