Nelson Kootenay Lake Tourism

‘Kootenay Time’ Redefined

Nelson Kootenay Lake Tourism | ‘Kootenay Time’ Redefined

A branding refresh and campaign to drive the right audience to the heart of the Kootenays.

Beautiful British Columbia is abundant with culture, vast terrain, decadent food and hundreds of small towns trying to drive tourism. So why does one choose to visit Nelson & Kootenay Lake over other destinations? That was our job to figure out.

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Our first task was to identify the audiences who were not only most likely to visit, but most likely to spend money. Previous tactics included targeting anyone and everyone, but we understood that this region was not for everyone, but who was it for? That was the million dollar question.

Brand guidelines

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Nelson Kootenay Lake Tourism - mobile mapThis started with a lengthy deep dive into those visiting and understanding their purchasing habits, desires and pain points. Once we pinpointed the audiences we wanted to target, we were able to uncover valuable insights that paved a clear path forward for Nelson Kootenay Lake Tourism.

Next was to ensure the new audience would resonate with the brand, without making it unrecognizable to those who already did. Through a brand refresh, we updated the typography, brand colours, tone of voice, key messaging and visual guidelines. Without doing a rebrand, we were able to change the way Nelson Kootenay Lake Tourism was seen, heard and felt.
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One of the Nelson Kootenay Lake Tourism deliverables saw the development of a campaign. Recognizing the aspirations of the recently tapped audience, we knew that they travel to break free from their monotonous routine. It was clear we needed to create an embodiment of the anti 9-5 lifestyle.

The result was the creation of the ‘Our 9-5’ campaign. A positive play on a negative phrase. Through combining a clock motif with tailored activities that resonate with the audience, we were able to portray not only the juxtaposition against their chaotic daily routine, but the vast ways their day could be spent in the region.
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From Nelson Kootenay Lake Tourism

“Our experience with Csek Creative has been nothing short of exceptional. Their strategic approach, creativity and dedication to our organization’s brand has improved our online presence and boosted visitor engagement. The team’s expertise in crafting compelling campaigns truly sets them apart, making them an invaluable asset to any business.”
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