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Flooring’s role in the dance of life

Kelowna Floors | Flooring’s role in the dance of life
Through the ‘Flooring That Fits Your Life” campaign, we were not only able to infuse floors with emotional resonance, we were able to showcase all the variations of quality flooring available at Kelowna Floors. While not stealing the spotlight, these flooring variations remained the constant backdrop for all the memories unfolding above them. 
Through emotional marketing, we were able to connect with the community on a deeper level. Choosing an approach that prioritized authenticity over a sales-driven agenda, we intentionally crafted our messaging to resonate with the genuine emotions and values of the audience. This deliberate strategy not only resonated with our target demographic but also laid the foundation for a trusting relationship and fostered a sense of authenticity and transparency with Kelowna Floors.
Our adeptness in connecting with the audience’s emotions proved to be a highly successful strategy, resulting in increased audience engagement on social platforms and qualified leads.

After the campaign launched, we monitored it closely and discovered that the most engaged audience consisted of men and women aged 65 and above. With this information, we strategically adjusted the campaign by incorporating imagery and messaging tailored to resonate with this age group. 

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“Csek Creative offers an amazing team of professionals to execute any and all marketing needs we’ve had, as well as they’ve built us a beautiful and functional website, with an easy-to-use “server-side”. Everyone is knowledgeable, kind, and they take the time to educate us on the ever-evolving online marketing space. They’re willing to work within any budget, and helped us determine where best to spend our advertising dollars. We’ve worked with other marketing companies in the past, and are very happy where we are now.”
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