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Selling the Moments

Chez You | Selling the Moments
After diving deep into strategy work, including persona building, customer journey mapping, and competitive analysis, we crafted a roadmap for Chez You to attract those most likely to have the appetite (and the funds) for their services. With our finely-tuned key messaging, we aimed straight for the hearts (and stomachs) of the audience primed to become their biggest fans.

Savour the Experience with Chez You

“Our services allow you to immerse yourself in the moments that matter. Picture the satisfaction of a well cooked meal, with you’re nearest and dearest gathered around the table; your laughing and smiling and nothing else in that moment matters — that feeling is our expertise.”
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Our team proposed a campaign aimed at offering the audience a solution to reclaim the time lost during dinner preparation. Through emotional marketing, we created a video and a variety of graphics showcasing life’s cherished moments and celebrations shared over a meal, we emphasized the significance of being fully present for these important milestones. Let Chez You handle the food, while you focus on making the moments.
After the initial marketing strategy was complete, it was on to implementation. Key to our content strategy was leveraging social media, email marketing and blog content to raise brand awareness, build a loyal following and drive qualified traffic to the Chez You booking platform. We also made use of two different kinds of social media contests: one to gain followers and one to drive leads. Each contest earned an average of 500 new followers and 800 leads respectively.
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With such a visually appealing service, the creation of high-quality photo and video assets to sell the experience of a Chez You event is key to the success of the brand’s content marketing initiatives. We worked with Chez You to host a dinner for community members and investors to capture the special moments that go along with having a private chef handle all the cooking at your dinner party. Teaming up with a local influencer ensured our snapshots were not just pictures but flavourful stories in sync with Chez You’s marketing narrative.

Food that connects people

“We are not just a hire-a-chef company. Our services allow you to truly relax and connect with those you love over a delectable culinary experience. Spend less time shopping, prepping and cleaning and more time connecting, laughing and indulging.”
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