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Lettie & Co. | Baby books for every baby

The development of a logo, brand strategy and website to support inclusivity for Canadian families.

Lettie & Co founders Kim and Carlee, both NICU nurses, were inspired by the power of journaling for parents facing challenging times. Recognizing the limitations of existing baby books, which often catered to ‘traditional’ families, they aimed to create inclusive and diverse journaling tools. Que Lettie & Co. – a brand committed to providing every parent and caregiver with accessible and thoughtful journaling to preserve their most precious moments.

Our services:

  • Branding Strategy

  • Logo Development

  • Website Design & Development

  • SEO Strategy & implementation



As a startup, it was our job to create a brand that not only signified the values and reason behind Lettie & Co., but one that would resonate with people. It all started with a branding session to get an inside look on the ‘why’. It was very clear after this session that in order to connect with the audience, we needed to showcase the story on how Lettie & Co. came to be. 
“We want to build a future where society has a broader, more inclusive understanding of what it means to be a parent. Where everyone has access to high-quality, personalized, and fun baby and parenting products no matter their gender, sexuality or relationship status.”

With the narrative as the focal point, our task was to curate messaging capable of captivating the audience and forging a connection with the story. To do this, we refined their mission, vision, key messaging and values to truly reflect their purpose and highlight the problem they were solving.
Once we determined our tone and messaging, we began the logo development. The logo had to encapsulate the brand’s softness while maintaining a strong presence in a competitive landscape. By incorporating gender-neutral imagery and colours, along with a playful yet elegant font, we successfully conveyed the personality of Lettie & Co.
Next, it was time to launch the new brand with the perfect website. We developed a user-friendly ecommerce site enabling customers to easily purchase the products directly from the platform. By seamlessly incorporating the brand colors, imagery and photos of the founders and products, Lettie & Co. was flawlessly unveiled to the world.

From Lettie & Co.

“The process of our brand development with Csek Creative exceeded our expectations. They seamlessly pulled all of our ideas together and gave them direction and cohesiveness. We were presented with multiple great logo options and were able to chose one that worked perfectly for the brand.”
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