A community legacy

Movala | A community legacy

The push for a unique beachside development required a new perspective and all hands on deck.

What sat as Willow Creek Campground for years was about to become the most desired lakeside community residence in the Okanagan (Movala). When the family-owned local development team and long-term client, Stober Group, approached us to assist them with getting the building approval for their family-owned lot, we were thrilled to take on the task. The catch? They had applied multiple times prior to seeking our assistance, and each time, city council denied their application. The building plans saw nothing but backlash from the community, which was a massive roadblock in getting the application over the finish line. The final approach had to be different.

Our services:

  • Development permit application and approval

  • Brand Development Videography

  • Campaign Development

  • Community Engagement


Construction Development


Founded in 1962, Stober Group has grown to be an iconic and trusted family-owned real estate development and property management enterprise in the Okanagan Valley. Al Stober, the founder of the company, cherished 3340 Lakeshore for over 30 years. Despite the numerous chances to develop, Al chose patience, waiting for the opportune moment. Sadly, in 2020, Al Stober suddenly passed, leaving both his family and community devastated. Al was an icon of the Okanagan, leaving behind an impressive legacy. His dedication was inherited by his children, who took on the company’s reins with pride.


Fast forward a couple of years and the perfect opportunity arose for 3340 Lakeshore – a premier lakeside residence embodying the essence of Okanagan living. Unfortunately, the development plans failed to resonate with the community. Stober encountered endless protestors trying to boycott the development. With the resistance of the community, the application was rejected a couple of times by the city council – a lost cause, some would say.

Cue the phone call we received from Stober that would alter the trajectory of this development.


We went in with a winner’s mindset and started to tackle the brand development and logo. You might ask, ‘Why would you initiate brand development for a project that not only lacks approval but was denied three times?’ Good question—we had a strategy in place that we felt was strong enough to secure the majority vote.
A spectacular location deserved a stand-out brand that encapsulated the lifestyle that came along with it. You weren’t just purchasing a property; you were purchasing a way of life. We took everything that this residence resembled and created a logo that encapsulated it all. Let’s break it down:

MO – Mountains
VA – Valley
LA – Lake
AL – and two uniquely coloured letters as a tribute to the man who made it all possible, Al Stober.


Did they like Movala? No, they loved it.

“Movala creates nodes of conversation and pause where residents can sit down and interact with each other through the space.”
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MOVALA Case Study - Rendering

While we worked on the logo and brand, we simultaneously created the campaign that would be the driving force for the approval of the application. How were we going to convince the community and council that Movala would have a positive impact? We had to show them what they weren’t seeing.

We documented the building design process to showcase the ‘why’ behind the architecture and chosen materials. We addressed the community’s concerns and showcased the added value of the development in a documentary-style video and finished off by asking one question: ‘From what you have seen and heard, do you, or do you not like it?’ 

By clarifying the ‘why’, we successfully convinced 1000 individuals, some of whom initially opposed the plans, that this was a great addition to the community. Within just 17 days, we received 1000 responses—an unprecedented level of engagement, with an impressive 82% expressing support.

“Since the original plan was submitted both through in-person and the virtual interface, Stober has had the opportunity to connect with well over 1,000 community members on the proposed land use and key design elements of the application. The feedback to date indicates that the community in general is feeling ‘heard’ and the results reflect a strong, positive expression for the 3340 Lakeshore plan and its continued evolution in direct response to community input.”


With the support of 1000 respondents, the city council voted in favour of the development. Overnight, 3340 Lakeshore Road became Movala. With the brand and logo already in place, we launched instantly and celebrated a massive win for Csek, Stober and the community. 

Community Feedback Campaign

“Very well thought out. This is the type of development we need to see more of in our City. Densifying areas of the City like this is smart urban development and if built as presented, this development will become a city landmark that people will point to as a model for others to follow.”
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