A strong business starts with people

RHN CPA | A strong business starts with people

Seamless transition between recruitment and lead gen, all with a people-first approach.

RHN Chartered Professional Accountants isn’t your typical accounting firm. Through our work with their team, we heard again and again from directors, managers, juniors and administrators that they put people first, always. Our mission when we began work with RHN was to build an online foundation that reflected their promise to their team and clients: to look beyond the numbers and build meaningful, long-lasting relationships.

Our services:

  • Content

  • Social Media

  • Digital Advertising

  • Landing Page

  • Video Production



When we began working with RHN, the initial goal was to generate leads and grow their client base. We developed a campaign to showcase the personal touch they provide their clients. By using client testimonials, the digital ads we ran boosted traffic to the site, resulting in hundreds of phone calls and web form fills. We also ran highly optimized Google Ads, ensuring they ranked highly for the keywords their prospective clients searched for.
After the success of the lead generation campaign, RHN found themselves with a new problem: they needed to grow their team to accommodate all their new work. We developed a video campaign to attract employees at all stages of their career, from students looking for their first job in public practice to intermediate and senior accountants looking for a position with more flexibility and balance.
To solidify their position as leading experts in particular verticals, and as an employer of choice for new and experienced accounting professionals, we established a schedule of regular content creation for the RHN blog and social media channels. By implementing a comprehensive content strategy, we have helped RHN rank for specific search terms organically, boosting their SEO ranking overall.


“Csek Creative Team has taken the time to know our needs and make adjustments as needed. I would recommend them to any mid to large sized business looking for a fresh take on marketing and management of your social media.”
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