Lass Chance

A very juicy introduction

Lass Chance | A very juicy introduction

Big flavour needs big representation. The Lass Chance case study showcases stand out packaging and a website that embodies a unique story.

Thousands of strategically planted fruit trees surround the Okanagan Valley with some of the best orchards in the world. Lasser Produce has been a part of that industry for years, known for producing insanely nectarous fruit — so, when they approached us about taking their fruit to the beverage industry, we were obviously on board.

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Over the years, Lasser witnessed the staggering amount of food waste that is produced every year from unused (but perfectly good) produce. What they didn’t realize was that the problem wasn’t the amount of wasted produce, but thinking the perfectly good fruit was useless in the first place — the ah-ha moment that sparked the idea for Lass Chance Beverage Co.

Lass Chance Case Study with Csek Creative - floating cansYou may have the most interesting story in the room, but the true art lies in how you tell it. Combining their already elite reputation with a new tone of voice and messaging that resonated with their new audience, Lass Chance started to come to life.

Lass Chance Case Study with Csek Creative - drinking
In a crowded market, we understood the importance of making our work distinctly noticeable. To achieve this, we combined two essential elements: visually appealing designs and a sense of nostalgia. The result is a captivating lineup of fruit sodas that resonate with a timeless storytelling quality. Through the clever strategy of connecting each flavor to well-known fairytale phrases, we created a brand that feels instantly familiar, even to those who are encountering it for the first time.
With the logo, key messaging, brand identity and packaging almost complete, the next step was crafting a landing page that sparked curiosity and excitement around the launch. Through a compelling UX design and messaging that left you wanting to know more, the Lass Chance landing page was born.
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