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Twitter Takedown! - The Results Are In!

Published: September 15 2009

Twitter Takedown! - The Results Are In! For a month-and-a-half our 3 intrepid twits have been duking it out online and the results are... well... blurry at best... Here are the stats:

Most Tweets

Dylan 604
Dennis 448
Ryan   98

Greatest Gross Follower Increase

Dennis 186
Dylan   50
Ryan   39

Greatest Net Follower Increase

Ryan  27
Dylan  17
Dennis -47

Follower / Tweet

Dennis .41
Ryan .40
Dylan .08

So what does all of this data mean? Well, assuming the business goal for their efforts on Twitter was to get their message in front of as many qualified “followers” as possible, this data represents the results of essentially 3 different strategies. Their definition of qualified followers meant followers that could legitimately be networked with. In other words they wanted to meet and talk with people (on Twitter) that could help their business. So the winner would have to be the wily veteran, Dennis Powers, with the highest gross follower increase and the largest qualified network!

But, what were the strategies the 3 contestants used to acquire followers and which strategy is ultimately working best? Tune in next month to learn more about the methods behind their madness...