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The secret to success on Twitter

Published: October 15 2011

This truly must be the biggest secret on the Internet regarding Twitter. I am going to share it here and I will wager even though you will read it, most will likely forget it by the time they finish this article. Are you ready for it? Here it is - Listen.

In case you missed it, I will say it again. 
Perhaps if I explained it, it might make more sense. The majority of both old, and new, Twitter users believe Twitter is for talking, shouting, advertising, speaking and even spamming. But when it comes to listening many miss the most important point of Twitter – listening. Listen and you will be heard.
Practice listening, not just on Twitter, but also in your everyday interactions and you will see a whole new world unfold before you.
Twitter may be one of best social-media tools available to both people and business alike. It provides you with so many possibilities if used correctly.
I will share some of those possibilities in another article.  I don't want to confuse the main point here, that being the secret - Listen.
I will leave you with the following: It is one thing to speak, quite another to listen. Dialogue not Monologue