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The pros and cons of buying Instagram followers

Published: April 17 2017

There are millions upon millions of Insta users out there, but organically engaging and attracting followers to your profile takes time. Time that a lot of businesses and entrepreneurs don’t have. Luckily, you can now gain hundreds to thousands of followers instantly - by purchasing them. 

Stacking up your number of Instagram followers can instantly build your brand credit and get you noticed quick while building relationships and growing your Instagram account. There is also the fact that followers bring more followers! Some businesses benefit by purchasing a small amount of followers, resulting in a quick boost of social media presence.

While there are many benefits to buying your followers, there are also many down sides. Many of the followers you purchase turn out to not even be real “people”, but instead instagram “bots”. A bot cannot like posts, leave comments or share your content, this means while your number of followers increases, activity and engagement stay the same. There is also a negative stigma around the purchasing of followers and you could quickly ruin your brand’s name and reputation by appearing as fake or non genuine.

Instagram is aware that their users now have options to purchase followers, and they are working at eliminating “fake profiles” and “bots” to keep instagram organic. Who remembers the great Instagram purge of 2014? One morning you awoke to find out that half of your beloved followers were gone, some lost hundreds others, thousands. Even though it’s been years, we never know when the next Instagram purge will be.    

There’s a lot to consider when deciding to buy followers or choosing to organically connect with fellow Instagrammers. It all comes down to your moral preference, and if you are OK with “cheating the system” a little bit to benefit your social media presence. Whether you choose to buy your followers or not, we won’t judge!