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The benefits of blogging

Published: May 11 2017

There’s quite a common misconception that blogs are exclusively for bloggers. What most people don’t realize is that businesses can immensely benefit from a well written blog. We’ve put together a list of the key reasons for how your business can benefit from blogging!

Platform For Your Voice

In the big wide world of the internet, it’s hard to get your voice out there, let alone heard. Having a blog gives you a place to express your ideas, thoughts and opinions. Depending on your content, there could possibly be a lot of information about your business online. When a potential customer searches for your business online, you want to make sure that they get an accurate and complete description of who your brand is are and what your brand is all about. Starting a blog that covers all the bases is a great way to control your online identity and make sure that the top result on Google makes the right first impression. Remember, your blog gives you an edge and a little more credibility than simply ranting or blast-posting on Facebook and Twitter.

Create Traffic

By creating a blog, businesses can expand their online presence, connect with potential customers, promote their brand in a positive conversation at their control, and even generate online revenue. Beyond the immediate results, businesses use content marketing for their posts to rank higher in search engines, therefore creating another outlet for monetizing. People are more likely to respond in a kind manner to a business promoting their blog post that gives readers advice, inspiration, and insight, rather than someone blatantly trying to pitch their sale.

Build Your Professional Network

Starting a blog is absolutely guaranteed to expand your network. Blogging is a community-based venture, and networking is one of the big reasons businesses engage in it. Whether you’re blogging to market your business, or simply connecting with customers, building relationships will facilitate your blog’s growth. Meanwhile, growing your online network has its own side benefits, such as gaining access to valuable software and tools, seminars, workshops, product promotions, and other events.

Humanize Your Brand

In Business, having a blog can greatly humanize your brand. Generally, your website will be composed of many graphics, videos, and text. However a blog post on the other hand, is made up of entirely your business’s voice. Having a blog gives your customers an intimate look into your brand’s personality and office-life. In doing so, you make your business more relatable and you have a better chance at connecting with your customers and being a fun brand to support!

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