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The beauty of media planning

Published: December 06 2017

In a perfect world, planning would be easy and we would all have personal assistants reminding us to keep up on our to-dos. In reality, we have to keep organized, create tasks and set goals.

Media planning is an integral part of a business strategy, and it lends a helping hand when developing a successful marketing campaign. In saying that, let’s be clear as to what media planning is and how it can benefit your business. Media planning is the system of building the precise media vehicles, which will be used to advertise your business.




This process enables businesses to reach a larger market, drive sales and boost engagement with your audience. Planning can be challenging, but with the help of a professional agency, your business will be on the path to creating a successful marketing campaign. How do we do it? Here’s a glimpse into our process.

Identify where to tell your story

Which media aligns best with your demographic? What type of advertising will produce the greatest ROI? These are two important questions we answer before initiating the media plan.

Leverage collective ad spend

We create relationships with all media. Let us negotiate the most efficient and effective advertising buy possible for you. With better rates and more added value, your business will achieve fantastic results.

Negotiate advertising investments

We know the power of advertising and every day we buy advertising space - this keeps our negotiation skills razor sharp. Knowing the competitive media landscape inside and out allows us to scrutinize every proposal with greater clarity.

Monitor effectiveness

CTR, CPM, CPC, Nielsen Ratings, Arbitron - these are just a few ways to monitor ad campaigns. But do rating points equal revenue? We work with our clients to ensure they are seeing tangible results. Rating points don’t buy products and services, people do.

Hold media companies accountable

Impressions, rating points, guaranteed clicks, posts and engagement. We are on it so you don’t have to be. When goals are set for clients, we accomplish them.

Reconcile invoices and provide single point billing

Is your business placing multiple media buys? How nice would it be to get one single advertising invoice each month? We can do that for you! Hands down, this is what our clients love most about working with us. We can decipher and cross-examine individual spends with each media, this allows our clients to focus their energy back on their business.




The options are endless, but budgets are not. Proper advertising and a targeted media plan will ensure you don’t overspend. With technology surrounding us and our smartphones always in arm's reach, digital advertising is at the top of media planning. Csek Creative is here to help your business plan for success while generating sales. We offer paid ads, social media advertising, blog publications and sponsored content creation. Get planning and give us a shout!