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Should I use audio in my digital strategy?

Published: September 22 2017

Text, video, pictures - you’ve seen or used it all and you’re thinking, “well, which one should I use to deliver my brand’s message?” These are all needed to help connect your brand with your audience, but what if we told you, information is slowly replacing music in our headphones and that audio has huge advertising benefits.

Think of all the times you’re plugged in during the day; on the bus, riding your bike, working out, tuning out others (we know that happens). Connected devices make it easy to listen to audio on the go!

As digital advertising has emerged as a core piece of most brands’ overall marketing strategy, audio is now a new and upcoming trend. Over the last year, audio and streaming levels have risen 76% surpassing the number of video views. Ad blocking is minimal and listen-through rates are high. What does this all mean for your company? It means you’re on the path of becoming closer with your brand’s audience!

Think podcasts and audiobooks. When you choose a specific podcast or audiobook to listen to, you’re joining a community with similar interests. In saying that, as a business owner, you can then target your market.

The marketing landscape is always changing, so if you need help with some fresh ideas, we’re the digital thinkers who will help you with your awareness strategy. Come have a coffee and let's talk shop.