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OKFireplaceDen.ca:Measurable Benefits Realized Immediately After Site Re-Launch

Published: October 27 2008

Feature Project > OKFireplaceDen.ca: Measurable Benefits Realized Immediately After Site Re-Launch. Congratulations to Okanagan Fireplace Den on the relaunch of their re-designed and re-developed website, www.okfireplaceden.ca.


The website has been custom designed to reflect their brand, and among the first to receive our new .cms. Okanagan Fireplace Den employees may now easily add and update their pages as well as re-order each page within the website. Another great feature that is incorporated into the website is an in depth product catalog in which employees can add descriptions, photo galleries, user manuals and even CAD drawings for each product. Rounding out the applications is an email newsletter created so that the Okanagan Fireplace Den may contact existing and potential clients who have expressed interest in their products.


After the launch of the new website, we followed-up with Don Pineau, owner of Okanagan Fireplace Den to get a sense of what initial impact the new site has had on his business.

DotCom Media (DCM) – What is the first thing viewers will notice when they see your new website for the first time?

Don Pineau – The design. It gives us a professional look. It also is user friendly.

DCM – What will viewers notice next when they visit www.okfireplaceden.ca ?

Pineau – The products. We are already seeing the benefits of having our products and product information on our new website. Because of the amount of detail on each product, the customer narrows down what they are looking for on our website in advance to them calling or coming in to the showroom. Customers that have taken the time to research our products on our new website are more knowledgeable and require less time with our showroom sales staff. They are able to make their buying decision more quickly and with more confidence.

We are now regularly using the site in our showroom with our customers to find information as they ask for it as well. It shows customers how easy the website is to navigate giving them the ability to use it on there own at a later date. Even after they leave our showroom we know that they will be spending more time with us online before they buy. That means that they are spending more time with us then the competition.

DCM - You have a "send to my architect/builder" and “request more information” feature built into your product catalogue.  Are these features helpful to your business?

Pineau - Every time a potential customer uses this feature we are notified by the system. It allows us to gauge what product is of interest to people.  I am surprised at the amount of people requesting more information on products. Before launching the new website we really had no way of knowing if anyone was finding what they were looking for on the old site.

DCM - Does the Okanagan Fireplace Den put a lot of effort into promoting the business and the website?

Pineau - We regularly send post cards with feature products on them to all our potential customers, asking them to go to our web site for more information. Along with all the other advertising we do. Business cards, Vehicles, TV, Radio, Magazines, etc.

DCM - How important is the OKFireplaceDen.ca website to your company?

Pineau - It drives our business. Plain and simple. It is a constant advertisement 24hrs a day.

Thanks Don!