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Website Design > Launch of the new website for Veranda Beach

Published: July 23 2009

Website Design > Launch of the new website for Veranda Beach. DotCom Media, in partnership with Legend Resorts, has just launched the new website for Veranda Beach - a community of perfect family vacation beach houses, for sale or for rent, located on Lake Osoyoos in Washington. As an interesting side note client loyalty played a significant factor in DotCom Media securing this partnership. Our senior designer Spiro had developed the original Veranda Beach website while employed with another marketing firm. Being happy with his work, they sought him out wishing to work with him again.

"I was extremely flattered to have received the call from Jim Hammond." Spiro said. "Kelowna is a very close-knit community and I enjoy working with the same clients again and again. Especially ones like Legend which have a long-term vision and vested interest in developing the Okanagan in a positive way."

The website features our most advanced content management system (CMS) to date. "We really made some improvements to our CMS this time round by adding in a multiple layout feature so that clients can choose a different page layout depending on the content." said Ryan Lahay, senior developer. "We implemented a cottage database to handle both real estate and rental product, making it easy to toggle a property between the two. Each cottage has it's own photo gallery and is linked to a map. We also skinned their 3rd party rental management system so brand consistancy is maintained through the entire booking process.

If you have yet to organize your Summer vacation or just want a quick weekend getaway, check out Veranda Beach.