The Hottest 2024 Spotify Playlist

We have all been there, looking for the perfect playlist, only to settle for the familiar tunes we’ve played on repeat. Fueled by this frustration, we’ve curated a fresh playlist that you can listen to when things get stagnant.

We’re confident in our music taste, but we will leave the verdict up to you. If our playlist isn’t your cup of tea, feel free to move on. But if you vibe with it, this Spotify playlist might just be your next muse.

Here are 10 highlight songs from our House of More playlist which have been carefully chosen by each department in our office.
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#10 Charlotte Cardin – Confetti

Let’s start with an up-and-coming Canadian artist who was born in 1994 in Montreal, Quebec. She originally started her career as a model at the age of 15, but later realized she had a keen passion for singing. Her singing career took off quite quickly (no surprise there) and we have been loving every minute of it. 

LISTENED BY: Digital Marketing Team

WHEN: When they need a heavy dose of serotonin after working with Meta all-day.

#9 Ocean Alley – Confidence

We know, we know, this song has seen its time in the sun, but we’ve been a fan of this song since it topped Triple J’s Hottest 100 chart back in 2018. It just so happens that TikTok caught on to their undeniable talent and now the whole world is obsessed (and rightfully so). Just because it’s mainstream now doesn’t mean we will stop appreciating it.


WHEN: When a potential client shows interest, but suddenly disappears without a trace and damages their selling ego

#8 Zach Bryan – Sun to Me

Even the country haters can’t deny Zach Bryan’s talent. This man has redefined the country music industry and we are eternally grateful for it. He’s a true lyricist, and anyone who is musically inclined can appreciate his true poise and ambition to produce great music. Can you tell we are a little obsessed?

LISTENED BY: Leadership Team

WHEN: When they crave a moment of peace after everyone requests the same vacation time

#7 Mac Miller – The Spins

All the early 90’s babies out there will remember the day that Mac released his mixtape K.I.D.S and changed the rap industry as we know it. His music holds a permanent place in our nostalgic memory. It was the soundtrack of our youth, through house parties, accompanying our rebellious road trips and touching our hearts when he revealed his softer side (Youforia :’( ) He had undeniable talent that somehow just kept getting better and better. The world lost a good one.


WHEN: Everyday

#6 L’lmperatrice – Agitations tropicales

Despite being eight years old, this song is poised to become your fresh summer anthem.   Though it’s in French, the language barrier doesn’t hinder the infectious vibes it exudes. This disco-funk classic is perfect for a day at the beach, a sunset bike ride or a mood booster on your way to work – c’est magnifique!

LISTENED BY: Content Team

WHEN: When they are writing a travel blog on France and need to imagine themselves on a beach in the French Riviera.

#5 Thurston Harris – Little Bitty Pretty One

A song that will never, ever get old. You might remember this song in the cult classics Matilda, The Princess Diaries and Indiana Jones or from commercials such as Heinz soups or LiptonTea. Unfortunately, ‘Itty Bitty Pretty One’ was a one hit wonder for Thurston Harris, but what a hit to be remembered by!

LISTENED BY: Account Management Team

WHEN: On their way to work knowing they get to talk to clients all day and not do any work

#4 Vancouver Sleep Clinic – As It Was

We love a good cover, and this melancholy and ethereal rendition of a Harry Styles classic is up there with one of our favourites. Contrary to popular belief, Tim Bettinson (Vancouver Sleep Clinic) is actually from Australia, not Vancouver. In an interview Tim had with The Guardian he said he picked Vancouver “because it looks like a beautiful place”– he’s not wrong. As for ‘Sleep Clinic’, that kind of speaks for itself. Be sure to add this to your sleepy bedtime playlist.

LISTENED BY: Accounting Team

WHEN: When they need to calm down because payroll was forgotten and they need to get it done before they are the most hated department in the office

#3 Teedra Moses – Be Your Girl (KAYTRANADA Edition)

This song is R&B at its absolute best. Teedra Moses, also known as the ‘Soulful Songstress’ collaborates with one of the industry’s finest, Kaytranada. Kaytranada has made leaps and bounds in the music industry with his unique and unmistakable sound. Teedra describes her collaboration with Kaytranada as “organic and authentic”, capturing the essence of soulful synergy.

LISTENED BY: Development team

WHEN: When they have a full day of coding and need a pick-me-up when the caffeine isn’t cutting it

#2 Kendrick Lamar – Father Time ft. Sampha

Picking up the pace at #2 is rapper and storyteller, Kendrick Lamar. Choosing only one song to put on this list was hard, but we’re content with our choice. To validate our high regard for Kendrick, he was the only musician outside of the classical or jazz genre to be awarded the historic Pulitzer Prize for Music. Although this song is not on his winning album ‘Damn’, it still stands as a hit for the ages.

LISTENED BY: SEO Strategist team

WHEN: When they need an energy boost to explain to a client that SEO is a long-term strategy, not a magic wand that will instantly catapult their website to the top of Google’s search results.

#1 Fred again.. – adore u

The song that has been on repeat since its release in September 2024. Fred again.. has quickly climbed the charts since his release of ‘Actual Life’ in 2021, where he ingeniously integrated voice memos, social media clips and music from other artists into original tracks. His humble, down-to-earth personality makes him extremely lovable and allows you to connect to his music on a deeper level. It’s impossible not to respect this guy, and it’s our biggest dream to see him in his element on stage.

LISTENED BY: Social media team

WHEN: When they have writer’s block and need inspiration for an Instagram caption

There you have it folks, our top 10 songs compiled from each department. We have plenty more bangers, melodies, and sing-a-longs in our House of More playlist that you can download here. 

Want to amplify your marketing with its beats?

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