Meet In-Houz, a digital legend and our new partner in crime


Keeping this a secret has been a challenge, but the moment has finally arrived!

What if we told you that we’re teaming up with a digital legend?

Get ready for the big reveal as In-Houz Consulting Inc. and Csek Creative embark on an exciting collaboration that’s set to reshape the digital landscape of the Okanagan!

Who Is In-Houz?

In-Houz is the go-to tech guru, known for its experience in custom software development, cybersecurity, AI, and more.

Csek Creative

Meanwhile, Csek Creative has been the backbone of our community since 1999, revolutionizing marketing strategies with our signature “strategy-before-tactics” approach. You can learn more about our history here.

The In-Houz Begginings

Cale McLellan, Founder of In-Houz Consulting Inc., shares his vision behind the launch of the company, “In-Houz started back in 2020 at the height of COVID-19 when apps were still cool and everyone wanted one. Since then, our focus has shifted to generative AI and software development, particularly for anyone with internal operations that need to be streamlined.”

Cale recognized a gap in the tech industry for good, affordable and reliable development work, so he decided to take matters into his own hands. “I have always been an entrepreneur at heart, I started my first company in high school, and I always struggled to find people who would listen to me, but also people who took my ideas seriously.” Now, with a team of 25+ developers on board, they’re armed to tackle any development challenge thrown their way and crack the code on even the trickiest of problems!

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The Advantage

Our Chief Marketing Officer, Rob Cupello, is excited about the fusion of marketing and AI, “Our role as a marketing agency is to consistently deliver cutting-edge solutions to our clients. The integration of AI has been a focal point in our strategic planning, as we explore ways to leverage its potential both within our agency and for the benefit of our clients.”

Rob envisions groundbreaking outcomes for our clients from this partnership agreement, “We believe that Cale and the In-Houz team bring a level of expertise that our clients haven’t seen before, so we are really excited for the innovative solutions and insights they will be able to bring to the table.”

In-Houz’s Philosophy

In-Houz is all about putting clients first, whether they’re big corporations or small shops. “Our core value is listening to clients large and small. We have publicly traded companies and we have mom-and-pop shops with ideas sketched on the back of napkins,” says Cale.

Cale’s Vision for Kelowna

Reflecting on his experience in Silicon Valley, Cale envisions Kelowna becoming a tech hotspot, “I spent a lot of time in Silicon Valley where you would look to your left and see Netflix, and to your right, Apple. I want Kelowna to be a hub of innovation, and breaking state and province boundaries is crucial for us to achieve that.”

Cale In-Houz

Cale takes pride in being the go-to guy for all his clients’ development needs, but he’s also happy to point them in the right direction when needed. “I will also help make introductions to people we believe are the best in the industry. Csek Creative and I met over a project that I was a partner in at one point, and I was impressed by Csek’s attention to detail and work ethic. I felt that the values of my company were very similar to theirs.”

Software Meets Marketing

Here at Csek Creative, we’ve always been the go-to spot for all things marketing in our community. Our new tagline, ‘The House of More,’ captures our dedication to providing top-notch solutions tailored to our clients’ diverse needs.

The idea for this partnership agreement sparked from the realization that clients needed help marketing their new software. Cale highlighted the perfect match between marketing and software solutions in today’s world, stating, “How do clients get people to use it and build a brand? We don’t specialize in that area, so it’s nice to hand clients off to Csek Creative and know they are in good hands.”

Cale emphasizes, “We can build amazing software all day long, but it’s who is going to use it. That’s what makes this partnership so valuable.” Rob agrees, stating “You can build the best software in the world, but your business doesn’t end there. Once you have that build, we come in to make sure you reach your business goals.”

Our Shared Commitment

If Csek Creative and In-Houz share one thing in common, it’s our shared commitment to bringing maximum value to our clients. “Both companies can’t bring as much value without each other in the tech space. We are doing this solely to benefit the client; there are not a lot of companies who would do that,” says Cale.

“This collaboration just makes sense. It’s all about offering our clients more. Partnering with In-Houz allows us to expand our expertise beyond our four walls, a win for both our clients and the tech industry in our community,” says Rob.

What’s To Come?

We can hardly contain our excitement! We’re gearing up to launch our very own podcast series, where we’ll spill all our insider tips on marketing and tech straight from our experiences. Keep your eyes and ears open for the launch date – it’s going to be a blast!

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