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Responsive Web Design

Published: October 20 2012

The internet is about to change dramatically. We are on the verge of a mobile revolution. The mobile device will soon become the first screen device in Canada and the US. We are already seeing this shift overseas. We can no longer ignore the mobile device when providing content to our audience. Scaled down or knockdown versions of websites were a good start, but hardly a real solution, users want full content. Native apps had their pluses to be sure, but the costs to develop on so many platforms is prohibitive for most. Native apps have so many other drawbacks when you need to consider so many different mobile devices. 

At Csek Creative, we believe Responsive Web Design is the answer for most small to medium sized businesses (SMB). 

We have recently relaunched our corporate site for Csek Creative. It has been done with the future and present in mind. The website is a fully responsive web design.

This means that the site will size and display content in the best format possible for the device accessing the content. 

We have included a screenshot of our Csek Creative site so that you can visually see the site in 3 different devices, those being, the desktop, the iPad and the iPhone.


Contact us to discuss a solution with you. We do offer a 1 hour free consultation.