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Rebels Against The Ordinary - Designing HotelZed.com

Published: May 15 2014

When Victoria’s Blue Ridge Inns decided to rebrand they knew that they wanted to become rebels - rebels against the ordinary. They introduced a whole new brand around being “rebels”, and introduced “Hotel Zed” into the market place.

They say it best themselves:

“We're a ridiculously fun & eclectic hip hotel in Victoria BC that is so completely awesome your mind will be blown! Ok, slight exaggeration, but I swear it's like nothing you've ever seen before: vintage VW shuttles, typewriter stations, high tech media hubs, comic books in the bathroom... we are Rebels Against the Ordinary.“

When Hotel Zed wanted to create a website that matched their vision – they chose Csek Creative.

We could go on about how awesome and unique this custom created, responsive, website is – but we will just let the pictures do the talking.

Hotel Zed's Website On An iPhone

Hotel Zed's Website On An iPad - landscape

Hotel Zed's Website On An laptop

Hotel Zed's Website On An iPad - portrait

So next time you are in Victoria - make sure you check-out (and check-in to) HotelZed.com