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New Website for Tree Brewing Co

Published: January 28 2009

New Web Design > We would like to congratulate Tree Brewing Co. (Kelowna, BC) on their newly launched web site. Tree Brewing Co. came to DotCom Media hoping to rebrand their online experience with a “fun” and “fresh” look. DotCom presented a funky, urban design that meshed well with the message, and the branding, of their product. TreeBeer.com is another site powered by DotCom Media’s in-house content management system -- .cms. This iteration of .cms had a few extra features added, such as the custom “shout out” box that you will see on some of the pages. Tree Brewing Co. has the ability to update any tidbit of content anywhere on their website. To find out more about how we helped Tree Brewing Co. reinvent their online website, give us a call.