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New Content Management System Makes Updating Your Own Website Faster, Simpler and Less Expensive

Published: October 02 2008

Feature Project > New Content Management System Makes Updating Your Own Website Faster, Simpler and Less Expensive - After years of watching businesses struggle with the frustration of trying to keep their websites current with fresh news and information, DotCom Media Inc. of Kelowna has developed an innovative content management system (CMS) that significantly reduces the time, complexity and cost traditionally associated with the website updating process.

The system – simply and appropriately called .cms – was developed and refined by DotCom Media over the past year and has been built in to almost every website the agency has created.   

“Until content management systems became available in recent years, when a website needed updating, the company usually went back to its website designer and was subject to a fee to make the changes and how quickly the designer could make them,” says Ryan Lahay, Senior Developer for DotCom Media.  “Content management systems can alleviate this problem, but the solutions that are out there tend to be confusing and complicated for the average user, require customization to the website and/or pose a security risk for the company’s website applications.” 

DotCom’s .cms  provides three key advantages.  There is no software to download – the system is simply accessed through the Internet.  The .cms is extremely user-friendly and includes easy to use edit-a-page and add-a-page features; convenient content updates that use standard form fields; drop down menus, text boxes and browse-for-file features, and effortless image uploading.

In addition, the system can be customized to include a number of options.  These include a news and archive system that allows new content to be added easily to keep the homepage fresh and help grow the website; a photo gallery system that provides easy uploading of images to any page; a product catalogue that displays products and product information and integrates with order forms and shopping carts; e-commerce pay processing; intranet and extranet solutions, and asset/file management solutions.

“We’ve created exactly what we set out to do – a user-friendly website CMS that puts the power of website update directly into the hands of the business owner and their staff,” says Lahay.  “For anyone who has been frustrated by the need to update their website, .cms provides an extremely refreshing and visually appealing cms experience.”

For a personal demonstration of the .cms, contact us!