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Mobile Revolution Now

Published: November 02 2012

The world keeps changing and the way we do business is evolving as well. In the 60’s, plastics changed the products we sell. In the 80’s, computers changed how we work. In the 90’s, the internet changed how the world communicated, and now, mobile is changing the way we reach our customers. In order to keep ahead of the curve, businesses must adapt to the altered landscape that is our new reality.


The mobile device is fast becoming a first screen device for internet usage in North America (and has already done so in Asia). This means that more people are reaching for their mobile device first to go online, rather than their desktop or laptop – even when they are at home. Recent numbers from the United Nations state that there are over 7 billion mobile devices connected to the internet right now compared to 2.5 billion desktop connections. This number is expected to grow to 50 billion in just a few short years.


The mobile device dominates as the world's anywhere/anytime medium. When people are leaving home, they grab their keys. The next thing they take is their mobile device. They are (sometimes literally) lost without it. The demand is there for everything to be available at one's fingertips. This is why businesses need to be able to deliver their full content to mobile users. And those businesses that adapt sooner, rather than later, will reap the rewards.


The Mobile Revolution is here. Now is the time for learning and implementing mobile strategies in order to capitalize on the biggest change to business in recent history. On Thursday November 29, 2012, Csek Creative will be hosting a conference and providing information to businesses about how they can become part of the Mobile Revolution. The conference, which will be held at the Rotary Centre for the Arts on the morning of the 29th, will empower businesses with technologies and economical ways to provide content to customers on mobile devices.


Tickets can be purchased at MobileRevolutionNow.com