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Make Facebook work for your business:
Post options get a new look

Published: February 16 2017

Have you noticed some changes to your Facebook post options? The social media giant has consolidated post options, giving them a bit of a makeover with a new convenient layout. Although the options themselves may not be new, as marketers who use Facebook on the daily, we’re pretty excited about the changes.

Facebook has come a long way since its inception in 2004. With over one billions users (about one-seventh of the world’s population), it is the single largest social network in human history. What started out as a largely person-to-person platform has become a much larger phenomenon. It is now a necessary element for almost every business, which is why we’re here to help you make the most of it!


Share a photo or video

Perhaps the most common action taken by both individuals and businesses, there is a reason this one has stood the test of time. With most of us suffering from media saturation, combined with the fact that the majority of Facebook users are on their mobile device, images are quick and easy to digest.

Tip: Ensure all images and video are consistent to your brand, and encourage the viewer to engage rather than just scroll on down their feed. Afterall, a picture is worth a thousand words!


Advertise your business

We all know organic and meaningful engagement with the material on your website and Facebook page is the greatest goal of marketing, but that doesn’t mean a little advertising won’t hurt. Facebook is a great place to try out some paid advertising as it’s cost effective with incredible targeting capabilities. You put a lot of work into your content, so people should be seeing it.

Tip: Start off slow by boosting a particularly great post (no matter how small your budget).


Create an offer

This option is great for e-commerce sites in particular, providing you the means to draw attention to a certain promotion or sale. You can set it up so people can claim the offer right there in the post, so you can track the success of the campaign.

Tip: Make the offer too good to resist! Remember, quality over quantity.


Help people find your business

If your business is in a hard to find spot, this is a great option. Your audience need only click on the post and a map will open up giving them directions from where they are. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Tip: You can use this option for off site events as well!

If Facebook remains an untapped resource within your marketing strategy, we have a team of well-versed content strategists that can help you get started!