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Hosting With Humans

Published: April 07 2009

Do you know who hosts your website? Is your website always online and easy to access? Is there someone you can phone if anything goes wrong with your website, and will the person you talk to have the skills to help? These are important questions to ask when choosing a company to host your website. Web hosting is important. It's the storage space on a server where your website and all files associated with it are stored. Every time a visitor comes to your website, they connect to your host server to view your site, send their personal information, make purchases, and send emails to you. If the server is outdated, poorly-maintained, or is just not equipped to handle large volumes of website traffic, your site will suffer. Visitors won't bother waiting around and they may not come back.

Many web hosting services promote their services based on quantitative measures like data storage and bandwidth. It's easy for them to present over-inflated numbers on what they offer because very few customers require huge allotments of data storage and bandwidth. What most of them don't offer is what is most important; reliable well-managed service and prompt, skilled technical support by phone. Having 100 GB of storage is small comfort if your website goes down, and email-only technical support is useless if your email server stops responding. Many low cost hosting companies only offer support by email, and make no guarantees about reliability or response times for help requests.

Hosting your website with a reliable, well-managed hosting company means you will probably never have to deal with your website going down. And help from a knowledgeable human being is only a phone call away, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Plus, having a PCI-certified server means your online business transactions are secure, and your communications and personal information are stored safely. DotCom Media has over ten years of experience building and hosting websites, and offers top-quality, reliable hosting services for sites of all sizes. Our offices are based in Kelowna, and we are always available to clients for technical support by phone. It's relatively easy to set up a new hosting account or to transfer your website over, especially with our friendly competent staff to assist you! The result is peace of mind that lets you focus on what you do best.