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Domains - Your Name On The Net

Published: March 25 2009

Do you own your own domain name?  Do you have the dot-com and dot-ca version of the domain name for your business?  It only takes about 5 minutes each year to ensure you own your own domain name and after that, a minimal annual fee ensures you'll always have control of your name on the net.

These days, there is no excuse not to have your own domain.  Whether you just want "yourname.com" to forward to "yourbusinesswebsite.com" or you want to set up an easy blog-based family website to share photos with grandparents, there are lots of reasons why owning your own domain name is important.  Some businesses direct several domain names to their website so they can pinpoint what's working well in search engine positioning, online advertising campaigns and traditional advertising campaigns.  If you own the dot-com of your business name, it is often helpful to identify yourself  clearly as a Canadian business by claiming the dot-ca version of your domain name.  This makes it clear to anyone who finds your site in search engine results that you are a (proudly) Canadian company, and is more likely to draw local customers to your website.
Another great advantage of domain name ownership is the endless options for customized email addresses.  Why settle for "[email protected]" for your business address when you can have "[email protected]" and always look professional?  Got your main email account through your ISP?  It's easy to have an email address with your own domain name forwarded to your main account.  You'll never need to change your email address again! If you switch to a new ISP, just change where your custom email address forwards to.  No one will ever know the difference.  Some of our clients even keep a separate domain name just for staff email addresses.  This is a simple step that helps to minimizes spam to primary staff addresses.  Even if you're not ready to build a website, Dot Com Media can host multiple email accounts "@yourdomainname.com" for your business or personal use.
So what are you waiting for?  Claim your name!  Dot Com Media can handle all the details of domain name registration.  All you need to do is call or email your contact info and the domain name you'd like registered.  We will always contact you to confirm renewal of your domain name, and you can renew for 1 to 5 years at a time.
Other reasons for owning your domain name:

  • If you own business, domain name registration is a deductible business expense.
  • Top level domains (.com, .net, .org, .biz) are only $30/year to register or renewal
  • Canadian domains (.ca) are only $50/year to register or renew.
  • Alternate spellings of name can be forwarded to main site (i.e. googel.com)
  • Prevent your competitors from registering variations on your domain name (.net, .org)
  • Protect yourself from malicious 3rd parties who might claim your domain name and charge you for it, or create a libelous website.
  • Create a simple domain name to forward to a specific page with a longer address (i.e. DotComMediainc.com forwards to CsekCreative.com)

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