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Communicate to all your staff Quickly

Published: January 22 2011

Do you have a long list of internal emails? Do you find that you are sending emails to the same groups of people over and over again? If you do this might help.

If you are hosting with us, you can use your Mail Control Centre Panel to create an alias like “[email protected]” to send to any number of different locations.  The word “shoutout” can be anything, like “team” or “sales”.
Once you setup the alias, you then setup whom the alias sends to.  There is no limit on how many accounts you can forward an alias to.
Although you can do this with “groups” in your email client already, there are some key differences:
  1. Group listings are only local, and you can not share them with other members of your organization. A group will only work for you, but an alias can work for everyone.
  2. Using the “groups” setting in your email client also causes the list of all the intended recipients to show up in the address bar. Using an alias shows only one email address as the recipient.
Just a quick tip on how you can improve your business operations with email.  Call us if you need help in setting it up.