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A Custom Built Website for a Custom Home Builder

Published: November 30 2009

Winters in Kelowna mean among many other things, “it's Tommie season”. Central Okanagan builders and developers have pulled together their “best-of-the-best” and submitted their finished works to the Canadian Home Builders' Association Central Okanagan (CHBA-CO) for consideration for the CHBA-CO's annual Tommie Awards. On November 29th this year's Tommie Finalists were announced...

You can see this year's list of the Central Okanagan's finest builders and developers at CHBACO.com. The Tommie awards ceremony is slated for January 30, 2010. CHBACO.com is another proud DotCom Media website creation. DotCom Media wishes to congratulate all those selected for a Tommie this year.

Back in September Canadian Home Builders' Association Central Interior (CHBA-CI) had their annual gala award ceremonies in Kamloops, honoring their best-of-the-best builders and developers, called the Keystone Awards. One company that has had the pleasure of taking the podium to accept a Keystone Award for their good work is  Kamloops custom home builder and interior design team, Braylin Contracting. Braylin Contracting has also gone on to win a Georgie as one of the best builders in BC with the CHBA-BC.

Custom home builders and many other service-based businesses face the same challenges promoting themselves and their work as... say... a custom website design company might have. That challenge is based on the the old saying “you're only as good as your last project”. Recognizing this, Braylin felt they needed a website that showed their finished custom homes in the best possible light. They also knew that they needed a simple content management system (CMS) that would allow them to easily update there project portfolio of finished homes with every new home they completed. In addition to this, Braylin Contracting occassionally builds homes on spec and need to sell these homes a quickly as possible once they are complete. They knew that a new website would help them do this and they chose DotCom Media and their .cms custom content management system to collaborate with and design and build a website that would meet their business goals.

DotCom Media delivered a custom website design that reflected the warmth, character, and quality of Braylin's custom home construction and interior design. Then DotCom customized their .cms to highlight the images and image galleries associated with Braylin's finished homes as well as make it easy for Braylin to move sold homes from their Homes for Sale section to the Gallery section of the website. DotCom Media also designed and hard-coded a call to action on the homepage directing website visitors to check out the Homes for Sale section to increase sales opportunities.

The result is a beautiful, simple, easy-to-manage website that highlights the latest and greatest work form Braylin Contracting. See it for yourself – Braylin.com.