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3 signs your job posting could be filled by a marketing agency

Published: June 16 2022

Having trouble recruiting good marketing help?

Maybe you’ve been renewing a job posting on Indeed for months only to see that qualified applicants are few and far between.

Or maybe the marketing staff you’ve had in the past cited recurring issues with their workload or the scope of their responsibilities. Maybe you’ve worked with really great people but just weren’t seeing the results you were hoping for.

If hiring, managing or retaining marketing staff has been a challenge, you may want to look outside the box to find the effective marketing support you need. 

If you’ve never considered working with a marketing agency, now’s the time.

Here’s three signs your job posting for a marketing specialist is better suited to a marketing agency:

1) Filling the position isn’t cost-effective

Depending on the agency, your deliverables and how much you were planning to pay in wages, working with a marketing agency could be more cost effective than hiring your own staff member.

For example, say you’re thinking about hiring a social media manager to handle three channels (e.g. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), and are planning to pay them a $50,000 salary (~$4,200 per month), plus benefits, CPP contributions, EI, sick days, etc.

You’ll also need to pay to onboard them to your organization, and you may need to pay for them to do external training to get their job-specific skills up to par.

While the cost of outsourcing this work will vary depending on your exact needs, we can say from our experience that, considering all of the above expenses, it would almost always be cheaper to hire an agency to manage your social media channels.

The same goes for other types of work you may be hiring for including copywriting, blogging, website development and maintenance, and graphic design. 

As an added bonus, working with an agency means the people doing your marketing already have all the software and equipment they need to efficiently do their work, saving you from incurring another extra cost.

Before you hire someone internally, it’s worth asking around at some agencies to compare the cost of a salary or wage with the average price of outsourcing in your area.

2) Your posting is asking for a broad range of expertise

When you hire a marketing specialist to join your team, you’re usually paying for either a high level of expertise in one area of marketing or a lower level of expertise in a range of areas.

When you hire an agency, you have access to a team of people—each with their own high level of expertise in a particular area—for essentially the same cost as hiring one person.

We often see job postings from companies that cover an impossibly large range of responsibilities. It’s one thing if you’re looking for a web developer, copywriter, or social media manager. But, if you find yourself trying to pack all three jobs into one job description, you may want to focus your position on one set of responsibilities. 

Then, outsource the rest to an agency with professionals who can give your projects the specialized attention they’ll need to succeed.

3) You only need temporary help

Are you looking for marketing support to help with a one time project (e.g. developing a new website) or a temporary increase in marketing related work (e.g. producing a series of videos)?

You may have trouble finding a qualified candidate willing to take temporary or contract-based work instead of something more permanent. Plus, if you do find a good person, there’s no promise they’ll be available the next time you need temporary support.

Working with an agency gives you flexibility when it comes to varying workloads and one time projects. Say, for example, you hire an agency to produce a series of videos for your YouTube channel. You have no intentions or approved budget for any further work once the project is done.

But then, the video series performs really well and six months later, you decide you want to produce more videos. The agency you worked with will still be there and—more than likely—will be happy to work with you again.

This means that you’ll get to take advantage of the same quality of work with people you already have an existing relationship with. Plus, you won’t have to go through the process of hiring someone on a temporary basis all over again.

Explore your options

If marketing’s not your thing, it can be difficult to know exactly what kind of help you need, let alone write an effective job posting that will recruit the right person.

Working with an agency means having a team of people dedicated to your marketing initiatives, leaving you with more time to run your business.

We’d be happy to chat with you about your needs, goals, and what kind of options are available to you. We’ll even review your job posting to see if the work you need help with is within our scope.

Get in touch today to book a zero-obligation discovery session.