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20 logo makeovers
for your inspiration

Published: March 05 2019

In case you haven’t heard, Csek Creative turned 20 this year — and we don’t want the party to end! So, we’re rounding up some nifty lists to share with you throughout the year in celebration of this milestone, starting with 20 of our favourite logo creations. 

Confusing a logo with a brand is a common branding mistake that we see all the time. But, while there’s a lot more to a proper brand identity than just a logo, it’s still super important. Your logo is one of the first things that people will notice about your brand, so it should be a memorable and accurate representation of who you are as a company. 

We’ve rounded up some of our own designs to highlight the impact of a quality logo. From fresh, from-scratch concepts to much-needed makeovers, we hope these logo ideas leave you feeling inspired!


New logo designs

National Safety Solutions



National Safety Solutions

National Safety Solutions strives to create a safe work environment for construction sites every single day. When working on their logo and website, we decided to take the popular symbol of safety, the shield, and add the maple leaf on top to indicate the nation in which they operate. The star adds more depth with the stylization of the shield.



Crown Columbia

Crown Columbia

Crown Columbia is an all-suite, boutique hotel that has been on the Columbia River since 1929. To create their logo, we decided to take a crown and use it as a window to view a landscape of trees, a river, and the sun.

Secure Rite

Secure Rite Structures

Providing safe storage is what Secure Rite Structures is all about. The colour scheme and design of the new logo and website that we designed for them follows the rule of threes just like their slogan ‘Simple. Secure. Smart.’ 

Vergence Naturals

Vergence Naturals

This bioceutical branding, marketing, and sales company is focused on creating safe and effective natural products. We picked a straight-forward, triangular design to showcase ‘Vergence’. Is that an illusion, or is there really an ‘N’ in there as well? You decide.

Logo makeovers

Click and drag to see the transition between logos.





SK Form & Finish

SK Form & Finish offers concrete solutions for residential and commercial clients throughout Western Canada. As SK’s business and service offerings grew, they knew their look needed to keep up. We designed a bright, contemporary logo and a new website to match.


Village of Kettle Valley

Kettle Valley has evolved from a neighbourhood to a full-blown community. The popular village was quickly becoming known not only for its family-friendly atmosphere, but its convenient amenities, luxury homes and gorgeous views. We gave their logo (and website) a makeover while maintaining the red circle that the city had come to recognize so well.


Westwood Fine Cabinetry

We completed a full rebrand and new website for Westwood Fine Cabinetry to help them differentiate their new product lines and unite their brand values. Included in this, of course, was a new logo that better represented the trendy brand without losing sight of its well-established roots.


Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy (OVCMT)

Offering Canada’s first nationally accredited massage therapy program, OVCMT draws eager students from all over. OVCMT knew it was important that their logo and website represent the school’s professionalism, expertise and modern approach to teaching, and that it was time for a change.


Okanagan Mainline Real Estate Board (OMREB)

OMREB is the governing body for REALTORS® in the Okanagan, Shuswap and Revelstoke areas. The new logo has a bit of a story behind it, part of a full rebrand, was inspired by the fact that OMREB acts as the foundational base of the local real estate market and a beacon leading the way for its members. OMREB is represented at the centre of the logo as the base of a star. The star’s rays of light represent the stakeholders that rely upon the organization including members, agencies, and buyers and sellers.


Stucco Surgeon

Stucco Surgeon is known for healing homes throughout the Okanagan. They help buildings of all kinds look their very best, and knew it was time to offer the same care to their outdated logo. We gave their website and logo a facelift with a more contemporary look that played up their fun name.


Showtime Promotions

Showtime Promotions offers camps, festivals and competitions for Canadian dancers, helping them to develop and refine their skills. We updated the company’s website and logo to help them stand out.


Northside Industries

Northside Industries is a metal fabrication and manufacturing company, specializing in fuel tanks. We modernized their website and logo to include the company’s well-known acronym while sticking with their signature red colour.


Academy Hearing Centres

Academy Hearing Centres is a hearing clinic in Calgary. We took their simple logo and created something more unique and memorable to match their new website. The sound waves coming out of the logo portray what their industry is all about while keeping their name front and centre.  


EIFS Armour

EIFS Armour is a patented process that protects buildings from the damage that can be caused by woodpeckers. As the company became successful and began to grow, they knew it was time to create a more professional image with a new logo and website. We decided to take their nemesis, the woodpecker, and showcase it with their name to make it clear what EIFS Armour can protect your property from.


Rutland Waterworks

Rutland Waterworks has been servicing the Rutland community since 1949. As a company that has been around for a long time, it can be easy to simply stick with the same look and forego updating. We took their logo and website and added a more crisp and clean look with more blues and complements of white.


Shoreline Pile Driving 

Founded in 1983, Shoreline Pile Driving has been providing contracting services throughout the Okanagan Valley since it’s beginning. We liked the concept of their logo, but we wanted to update it so that it really packed a punch. With the light gradient from darker red to lighter, their name has a more dynamic feel while keeping their original concept in place. We also designed their website with a bolder style to complement their new logo.


Kootenay Lakeview Resort

Kootenay Lakeview Resort offers a luxurious experience while being surrounded by natural beauty. That’s just how we wanted to approach their new logo and website. Moving away from simple text, we created a logo with natural colours with clean, crisp text to modernize their brand.


Genuine Custom Builders

Previously known as Mountain Woodworks Ltd., this company decided to rebrand. This gave us an opportunity to start from scratch and work closely with Genuine Custom Builders to build their logo and website. On the logo, we decided to use complementary colours that, depending on how you look at it, has each letter working together in a modern design.



KelownaNow was known as Welcome to Kelowna back in the day. The new logo, a colourful venn diagram, has become a well-recognized symbol in the community.


Csek Creative 

Last but not least — check out this blast from the past! Csek Creative started as DotCom Media Inc. back in 1999. Things sure have changed over the years. Graphic and logo design has really become an art, and getting it right is more important than ever.

We hope you were able to pull some helpful logo ideas from this article! Whether you’re starting a company from scratch, diving into a rebrand, or just need to modernize your look, a high-quality logo design should be a priority on your to-do list.

The benefits of working with a
branding expert

While it can be tempting to create your own logo or use an online logo maker, sometimes enlisting a graphic design pro is your best bet. It all depends on your skills and experience, and the result you are hoping for. 

If you’re also in need of assistance in creating a brand identity and strategy, then working with a marketing agency that offers branding and design services may be in your best interest. 

If you need assistance with logo creation or branding, contact us — we would be happy to help!