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Why Your SMB Should be Using Google Calendar

Published: January 14 2014

Keeping track of everyone’s time is a challenge for small businesses and large corporations. Managing workflow and schedules is essential to the productive running of any office environment. After all, in many ways, the saying “time is money” holds true in business. While there are many time management/productivity programs out there, Google Calendar can be an extremely useful time management tool for business.

Here’s why:

It’s Free

First things first, the bottom line - Google Calendar is free to use, you just need a Google account to take advantage of this great feature.

It Can Be Viewed/Edited from Any Computer

You can access, edit and share the calendar from any computer with an internet connection. Obviously, this is fantastic for business as it allows employees/supervisors/owners to check out the calendar no matter where they are.

It Can Be Shared

At the time of writing, you can share your calendar with 75 users per day! This means that everyone can be on the same page… literally! You can also share/invite specific events too.

It Can Be Synced With Your Mobile Device

You can sync the calendar up with mobile device for on the go access/use.

It’s Great for Organization

You can colour coordinate events and activities in Google Calendar, essentially creating a calendar within a calendar. You can also turn the events and activities on and off, allowing you to navigate the calendar/prioritize events more easily.

It’s Extremely Easy to Use

Another important factor, usability! Luckily, Google Calendar is extremely easy to use/get the hang of, even for those who do not use Gmail. It’s a straightforward system and one that should help boost your workplace’s productivity/time management.
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