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When Content Marketing Fails

Published: June 02 2014

We have been talking about content generation as a way to generate sales leads on your site for quite some time now. We are starting to see some great success stories about how content can help generate traffic, as well as convert traffic to customers. We have also seen a lot of examples where a content strategy has appeared to not work.

MOZ, a Seattle company that does a lot of work with big companies on content generation, has released this great video post last Friday on why Content Marketing fails for some companies (spoiler alert: its because they weren’t doing it right).

Content marketing is often preached as a 3-step process:

  • Step 1: Generate great original content
  • Step 2: Share that content with the world
  • Step 3: The world will read your content and then instantly purchase your product or service.

This rarely happens.

What actually happens is that you continue to do the first two steps. And when buyers decide it is time to purchase a product or service, they will already be biased to your company.

(image from MOZ.com)