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Web Development News: Csek Creative Sponsors OSIF

Published: August 25 2014

We recently completed a web development and web design project for OSIF - the Okanagan Society of Independent Filmmaking. OSIF, a registered non-profit, approached us with goals and a vision for their new site, and we agreed to sponsor the development of their project!

OSIF offers membership to film industry professionals, film students or individuals who are interested in filmmaking. Membership includes a range of things from networking opportunities and events through to on-set experience and advice.

We were thrilled to be involved with OSIF and their website project. Read on to learn more about OSIF’s new site…



Below is a selection of goals OSIF had in mind for their new site:

- Inform users about OSIF in an effective and engaging manner

- Create an easy to navigate, user friendly site without compromising detail

- Strong SEO

- Ability to generate fresh content through blog implementation

- Highlight featured work, videos and events etc.

- Have e-commerce donate option

- Develop modern and impactful 100% responsive site on a low budget




We believe in our local community, and we’re proud to live, work and play here. This shows not only in our development of, and work with, KelownaNow, but in projects such as this.

We sponsored OSIF on this web development project because we believe in their vision and their drive to help aspiring filmmakers of all types succeed in the Okanagan. This sponsorship project allows them to have an effective online presence that truly delivers results and strategically positions them to achieve their goals for a fraction of the cost that a site such as this would typically involve. 


Key Facts:

Here are some of the key facts about OSIF’s new website:

- Sponsored site - completed through our desire to help OSIF

- 100% responsive - works across all platforms

- Features autoplay homepage banner video - a visually impactful statement

- Showcases featured video

- Allows for prominent and effective promotion of local talent, event, productions

- Features e-commerce donate option

- An easy to navigate, user-friendly site that effectively communicates OSIF’s brand and is strategically positioned to achieve the organization’s goals


Check out the Okanagan Society of Independent Filmmaking's new website.

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