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Tinhorn.com Redesigned, Redeveloped, Relaunched!

Published: June 08 2009

Tinhorn.com Redesigned, Redeveloped, Relaunched! > In order to continue to build the brands of Tinhorn Creek Vineyards and increase sales, the Tinhorn.com website needed to attract a wider audience without alienating their long-time customers. This was the challenge issued to the design team at DotCom Media.

DotCom Media's lead designer, Spiro Vouladakis, worked closely with Tinhorn's marketing team to create a new website design that elevates the Tinhorn brand and speaks to the wider audience the winery wants to attract without alienating long-time customers. The new Tinhorn Creek website also allows the company to single-out, promote and enhance their Oldfield's Collection brand. This is a key feature to the new website as the Oldfield's Collection is creating a reputation for quality on its own.

Another key feature to the new Tinhorn.com website is DotCom Media's custom content management system, .cms. When deciding on a website design and development firm that would create the new website, a content management system that was simple to use and provided a great deal of content control within the website was an important decision-making factor. DotCom Media's .cms demonstrated and delivered the content control and ease-of-use Tinhorn Creek Vineyards' staff needed to continually update their new website.

Be sure to check the website often, because we're not done yet! Ecommerce functionality that will allow Tinhorn's customers to buy their award-winning wines online will be available soon!

Additional Note: At the time this article was written, DotCom Media's  Ryan Lahay, posted a “tweet” on the social networking site Twitter, regarding the launch of the new Tinhorn.com website. Ryan's “tweet” was picked-up by Guy Jaques, Co-Founder of the wine social network website vinivino.com, who “re-tweet” the announcement to his almost 5,000 followers. Use social networks to help promote your business... you just never know...