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Swiping right just got "bizzier"

Published: October 23 2017

Dating apps are all the rage. Nowadays, romantic love stories are more along the lines of “I swiped right, we matched and lived happily ever after.” How romantic, right? But did you know that Bumble has launched a new way to connect, and we don’t mean finding a date. Now, you can use Bumble Bizz to make professional connections with other like-minded individuals.

So, how does it work? Well, it's pretty simple. All you need to do is download the Bumble app and change the setting to Bizz mode. Once you are there you can set up your business profile. It still has that “laid back, swipe if you like me vibe,” however, it is tailored towards making career moves. It will show possible matches based on circles of job experience, professional interests and passions. As a female-first dating app, Bumble is sticking to its roots and opposite sex pairings must be initiated by the woman.

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Bumble Bizz, is designed to shake up the way you network online. By empowering women to make the first move in Bumble Bizz, we expect to see the same positive behavior and low abuse rates we’ve seen on our other platforms.”

Bumble Bizz has introduced a new and creative way to network. Bringing job opportunities to your fingertips, the app will showcase your qualifications, connect you with industries, leaders, brands and most importantly, assist you in finding a job. It is basically an online job fair, but with much more opportunity.

A Bumble Bizz profile will include a headline where you can give a brief outline of who you are and why you are using the application. An about me section, which has more room for details such as skills, previous jobs, interests etc., essentially an area for a digital resume. Lastly, it will display your professional information - current position, institution and your gender. Just think, you are one swipe away from your dream job.

Csek Creative is all about making connections while building lasting relationships. We decided to join Bumble Bizz and start networking. We are one swipe away from connecting with you, download the app to network with us!