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Smartphone Statistics Emphasize Importance Of Responsive Design

At Csek Creative, we are big supporters of mobile technology. We love new cell phones and all of the nifty things that they can do, so it's no surprise that we are passionate advocates for responsive design. Ensuring that your website, your digital property, puts its best face forward for mobile consumers is especially important when you consider the statistics on smartphone usage and the impact on your business.


According a survey from Insights West and iamota, 64% of BC adults surveyed owned a smartphone and use their phone for nearly two hours EVERY DAY for a variety of different reasons. For many people, it comes down to convenience. Why pull out the laptop to look up the new restaurant down the street when your fancy mobile phone is in your pocket? Easy peasy.


So what happens when people visit your site from their phone? Do they see an easy-to-read, easy-to-navigate modern layout or do they have to use zoom functions to find your contact or buy button? Consumers have some pretty high expectations for what they expect of a mobile site and you could lose more than 50% of your potential business if a consumer finds your mobile site or app difficult to work with.


In March 2011, 37% of BC adults surveyed had a smartphone. That number is now 64%. The adoption rate for smartphone users is continuing to soar at breakneck speeds and it is only going to carry on from here. People are actually using their phones too with people claiming that they check their phone 19 times in a day, though globally that number averages to 150 times per day. Consumers heavily rely on their pocket-sized computers, so now is the time to make the move to a responsive web design.


6S Marketing put together this infographic that breaks down the information in the survey. You can also download the full 26 page report