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Process Analysis

Published: September 06 2011

When you first start a small business, you have very little time or resources to dedicate to establishing processes, never mind reviewing them. Most of your time is spent, developing product, establishing sales and distribution channels, hiring and dealing with staff, and trying to figure out what to do next.

Success comes first to those that plan and put sound processes into place. Many times implementation of the right technologies is where all the time savings come into play. And time is money, because most businesses sell time either directly or indirectly. Time is your investment into developing your product, training your staff, establishing distribution and so on.

Where do we come in, what can we offer? We have on staff a Certified Management Accountant, experienced programmers with degrees in business and computer science. They work together to understand your business and recommend technology that can save you time, reduce your costs and increase your revenues.

We offer you a free one hour session to discuss your challenges and opportunities.  In return we will provide you with our analysis and recommended solutions.

Call Nikki at 1 800 862 8010 or if in the Kelowna area, you can call direct at 250 862 8010 to book an appointment.

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