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Rebels Against the Ordinary

Designing for rebels

When Victoria’s Blue Ridge Inns decided to rebrand they knew that they wanted to become rebels - rebels against the ordinary.

They introduced a whole new brand around being “rebels”, and introduced “Hotel Zed” into the market place.

They say it best themselves:

“We're a ridiculously fun & eclectic hip hotel in Victoria BC that is so completely awesome your mind will be blown! Ok, slight exaggeration, but I swear it's like nothing you've ever seen before: vintage VW shuttles, typewriter stations, high tech media hubs, comic books in the bathroom... we are Rebels Against the Ordinary."

When Hotel Zed wanted to create a website that matched their vision – they chose Csek Creative.

hotel zed case study


The Strategy

As you can probably already guess, we needed to do something fun, bright, colourful, and against the ordinary for the Hotel Zed website.

We decided to utilize the great photography that Hotel Zed had on hand, and compliment it with witty, sharp, and creative copy.


The Execution

Hotel Zed is a unique company, and required a unique approach. Csek Creative worked with Hotel Zed, and parent company Accent Inns, to prioritize messaging, imagery, and content. This ‘content mapping’ was then converted to a working website mock-up that could be viewed across a variety of device types and screen sizes.

By creating this interactive mock-up, it was easy to make sure that regardless of screen size, the correct messaging was being delivered in the correct way. After firming up the hierarchy of the client, amazing photography was selected to compliment the created copy – and the rest is history.


hotel zed case study #2


Website Features

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

A responsive website allows the created property to display, and operate, in a user-friendly way across multiple device types and screen sizes.


News Publication

A fully-featured news system, along with social sharing capabilities, Google news integration, commenting, and much more.


Content Management System

HotelZed.com website administrators have the ability to update any content and related media anywhere on the site. They also have the ability to add, edit, or delete new pages.

Social Integration

Social Media Integration

Hotel Zed is “plugged in” across the board. All commenting is done through Facebook social comments, all created media items can automatically shared through the content management system, as well as shared by site visitors.


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