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The Stuff That Matters

Developing a media platform from concept to creation.

Creating a Community Hub

NowMedia is a hyper-local digital media platform for communities to get the "Stuff That Matters". The go-to source for locals because of their positive approach to delivering the information people need to know.

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Defining the brand

In a market that is over-saturated with media properties, KelownaNow needed a brand and a voice that would stand apart from the rest, and find a target demographic to resonate with. Csek Creative helped define this for KelownaNow.

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the now brand

Timely, relevant content about things that matter.

The Now brand delivers a digital media platform with multi market capacity. While the markets will change and along with that the viewer profile, the brand will always be guided by a universal application: Is the content being delivered to our core viewers timely, relevant content about things that matter to them?

who KelownaNow is

The brand is intelligent, aware, curious and inquisitive and always ‘thinking’ about the things that matter to everyday people; that can be tragic or trivial and everything in between, it can be about health and money, personal safety and travel, it can be about weather or entertainment, it can be sad or funny but all other considerations aside, it is always about what matters.

The Now brand is courteous and responsive, assertive rather than aggressive; it is a humble brand always open to respectful input, it is rich in relevant content but it is not political, it is joined by the human experience not the political one.

the now promise

A brand promise is an internal declaration. describing to all those engaged in the delivery of the brand, how the experience consumers have at KelownaNow will be fulfilled. The brand promise is an internal point of reference.

1. NOW will always think about viewers first and about the things that matter to them.

2. NOW and those who own own and work within the brand will be respectful and courteous within the workplace and equivalently with viewers.

3. NOW will encourage a free and open exchange of ideas but equally insist on courtesy and respect in the exchange of ideas both in the workplace and on the website.

4. NOW will always celebrate and honour the privilege of being permitted to provide timely, relevant and meaningful content about things that matter to our viewers.

Developing the website

This site was designed to provide a consistent experience across all platforms and was created as a Responsive Website. Both mobile users, desktop users, and everyone else in-between have an optimized site for their viewing experience. The benefit of a Responsive approach is that KelownaNow only has to administer one site, and content is pushed out to all platforms at the same time.

Website Features


Responsive Design

A responsive website allows the created property to display, and operate, in a user-friendly way across multiple device types and screen sizes.


News Publication

Being a leading-edge media platform – designing a fully-featured news system, along with social sharing capabilities, Google news integration, commenting, and much more, was the first priority for the team at Csek Creative.


Events Management

KelownaNow has a robust events management system that allows administrators, and site visitors, to post, edit, and delete, events along with comprehensive event details.


Business Directory and Mapping

An all-inclusive business directory was developed for KelownaNow that allows Kelowna-based businesses to have online profiles in variety of categories.



KelownaNow allows site visitors to purchase extensive business listings in the business directory. Payment is PCI certified and secure.


Social Media Integration

KelownaNow is “plugged in” across the board. All commenting is done through facebook social comments, all created media items can automatically shared through the content management system, as well as shared by site visitors.

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