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Life in a Postcard

Revisiting an iconic Kelowna brand

The Hotel Eldorado is a unique reflection of Kelowna’s cultural and historic roots.

At this spectacular hotel, the hallways and walls are hung with the photographs of times gone by, showcasing the people who came before us and experienced the Eldorado in decades past, just as we do today.

When the Hotel Eldorado came to Csek Creative for a branding facelift, and new creative - we knew we were dealing with something historic and iconic and that the new brand needed to reflect all that has been and all that will be for the Hotel Eldorado.

The Brand

‘The El’ is beautifully situated on the lakefront with panoramic views of Okanagan Lake, West Kelowna, and the surrounding mountains.

The Okanagan itself is spectacular, offering an endless display of breathtaking scenes that are unique to this very special region in Canada. This visual variety is the backdrop to the guest experience at the Hotel Eldorado. With this in mind, we developed the positioning line "Life in a Postcard", and used it as the foundation for the rest of the Hotel Eldorado’s creative pieces, from the website through to print ads and marketing collateral.








The Website

Playing on the theme of "Life in a Postcard", the team at Csek Creative designed the entire Hotel Eldorado website as a series of postcards. On the homepage, information popups offer viewers fun, historical facts about the iconic hotel and emphasize the rich history that is unique to this property and the Okanagan.

We went down to the The El and captured a series of signature photos that were used within the website, and other creative mediums.










Website Features


Responsive Design

A responsive design allows the website content to automatically resize and reformat to fit on any screen size, from phones to large format televisions, so that the website operates in a user-friendly way across multiple devices.


Original Photography

Csek Creative visited the Hotel Eldorado over the course of several days to capture the perfect image to accompany the refreshed brand. These images have helped create the new signature look and feel for the 'El.


Content Management System

The Hotel Eldorado crew has the ability to easily update any content and related media anywhere on the site. They can add, edit, or delete new pages, allowing them to take control of the website and make regular updates in a cost-effective and efficient way.


Reservation System Integration

The Hotel Eldorado’s central reservation system is integrated into the new website so that visitors can start their reservation and checkout process at any point in their web browsing experience, leading to a better experience for users and more reservations.


Print Creative

Extending the brand beyond the digital platform, Csek Creative designed various hard assets for the Hotel Eldorado - such as magazine ads, crew uniforms, door knockers and survey cards.

hotel eldorado print swagshirt


The Photography

A postcard isn’t much without beautiful photos and the photography team at Csek Creative headed to the Hotel Eldorado to capture images that would reflect the signature experience that The El is known for. These signature images now form the basis of current marketing campaigns and the photographs can be regularly updated to reflect the variety of experiences at the hotel.

We went down to the The El and captured a series of signature photos that were used within the website, and other creative mediums.





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