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Building a New Beacon

Encompassing leadership, exploration, discovery, and ultimately navigation.

Encompassing leadership, exploration, discovery, and ultimately navigation.

The Okanagan Mainline Real Estate Board (OMREB) wanted a new entity and strategy to serve 3 core purposes:


Educate the local marketplace around Real Estate trends and news


Promote the OMREB region as a destination to live in, or as a real estate investment


Reinforce messaging that speaks to the value of having a REALTOR in real estate transactions

We knew right away that this was an exciting undertaking and couldn’t wait to roll up our sleeves and help craft a guiding light for the local real estate market.


Since this new direction was about navigating local real estate markets, as well as being a “beacon” for those that are not currently living here - we wanted to play on the concept of leadership, exploration, discovery and ultimately navigation.


118a and west logo


118 and West is about direction. We are all moving in different directions in life. Some of us are starting families. Some of us are starting businesses. Some of us are buying our first home, or perhaps, downsizing to our last. Some of us are exploring new lands and opportunities to reconnect with something we feel we have lost.

118 and West aims to provide a resource for navigating our markets as we direct ourselves through them.

We want to serve as a beacon. A guiding star to those who haven't yet discovered this beautiful and diverse area we call home. From the downtown cores of our busiest communities to the green wilderness where wonderers wander and wanderers wonder.

118andWest.com represents the next step in this new direction.

So as we set forth on this new adventure together we wish you all safe travels. All up and down the 118th degree of longitude, and just to the West.



The 118 and West brand has been rolled out in a variety of formats and mediums. A collection of key highlights are included below.




118 and west magazine



118 and west website

118 and west real esate listing guide



OMREB now has a new vehicle for promoting the Southern Interior as a destination for real estate investment as well as speaking to the value that REALTORs add to real estate transactions. Early reception by local Realtors has been favourable and strong, and we are looking forward to driving forward with the new website to build upon the momentum that has been started with the print publications.

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