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Engaging community. Supporting local business.

How lucky are we to be stuck here?

That's what the team at Tourism Kelowna thought to themselves at the beginning of 2021, when the COVID-19 pandemic continued to limit travel to and from the Okanagan. At the same time, many local businesses who normally depended on the tourism industry were struggling. Tourism Kelowna decided that an awareness campaign was in order—one that would drive locals through the doors of hardworking Kelowna-based restaurants, boutiques, salons, tourism businesses and more as public health restrictions finally started to ease up.

Knowing they needed to reach as many community members as possible, they partnered with us to spread the word through a robust KelownaNow campaign. By running digital contests, posting contributed articles, and leveraging the KelownaNow social media and newsletter to promote the campaign content, we were able to help Tourism Kelowna reach tens of thousands of people in the Kelowna community, supporting 130+ local businesses through a well-rounded digital marketing strategy.

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