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Redefining a Community

Just getting started

Rutland is a historic, healthy, diverse and vibrant part of Kelowna. Unfortunately, the neighbourhood has had a brand and image drastically at odds with its true nature for far too long.

Over the course of four and a half months, Csek Creative worked with stakeholders to create a brand that accurately reflects Rutland’s true identity. This intensive process included five engaged sessions with Rutland community stakeholders, as well as presentations to, and discussions with, the Rutland community at large and Kelowna City Council. 


The Strategy

As part of their overall mandate, we realized that Rutland needed to showcase the rich history and vibrant community that is Rutland, helping to demonstrate that, far from being the ‘bad’ area of town, Rutland is actually a thriving community within a burgeoning city. A neighbourhood that is rich with vibrancy, offering an excellent place to live and work for young, old, and families.

The Execution

When it came time to address the logo aspect of the branding process, we built around the core word, Rutland. The word, ‘Rutland’ is in bold black - strong, simple and assertive, much like the community it represents. The Csek Creative team then added a very healthy and positive colour palate, with representation of agriculture, residents and business. The logo also features a rise, that is not only inspired by Rutland’s geographical elevation, but alludes to Rutland’s rise and continued prosperity. The result is a logo that is simple and positive.

The current positioning line, designed to amplify the brand, is “We’re just getting started”. This, as is the nature with positioning lines, can change moving forward, but for now represents the healthy, vigorous and forward thinking community that is, and has always been, Rutland.


Website Features


Responsive Design

A responsive website allows the created property to display, and operate, in a user-friendly way across multiple device types and screen sizes.


News Publication

A fully-featured news system, along with social sharing capabilities, Google news integration, commenting, and much more.


Events Management

OurRutland.ca has a robust events management system that allows administrators to post, edit, and delete, events along with comprehensive event details.


Business Directory and Mapping

An all-inclusive business directory was developed for OurRutland.ca that allows Kelowna-based businesses to have online profiles in variety of categories.


Content Management System

OurRutland.ca website administrators have the ability to update any content and related media anywhere on the site. They also have the ability to add, edit, or delete new pages.


Social Media Integration

OurRutland.ca is “plugged in” across the board. All commenting is done through Facebook social comments, all created media items can automatically shared through the content management system, as well as shared by site visitors.

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