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Our Rutland: Rebranding a Diverse Community

Published: August 11 2014

Rutland is a historic, healthy, diverse and vibrant part of Kelowna. Unfortunately, the neighbourhood has had a brand and image drastically at odds with its true nature for far too long.

Over the course of four and a half months, Csek Creative worked with stakeholders to create a brand that accurately reflects Rutland’s true identity. This intensive process included five engaged sessions with Rutland community stakeholders, as well as presentations to, and discussions with, the Rutland community at large and Kelowna City Council. 

The process began when we were approached by the Uptown Rutland Business Association (URBA) to refresh Rutland’s brand. URBA’s mandate is to advance Rutland businesses, and ultimately, the Rutland community in general.

We quickly realized that this was an opportunity to do something of greater significance than the original mandate called for. Csek Creative was given an opportunity to overhaul the entire Rutland brand, shifting Rutland’s image into a far healthier space. This idea was met with great enthusiasm from URBA, and further down the road, the Rutland community in general, as well as Kelowna City Council.

Part of the branding process involved the construction of the MyRutlandIs.com micro website. The creation of this platform allowed us to invite members of the Rutland community to share their stories and involve them in the re-branding of their home. It also gave us an opportunity to connect the new brand with the community and generate engagement. In fact, the stories continue to be written and feedback on the community continues to come in.

When it came time to address the logo aspect of the branding process, we built around the core word, Rutland. The word, ‘Rutland’ is in bold black - strong, simple and assertive, much like the community it represents. The Csek Creative team then added a very healthy and positive colour palate, with representation of agriculture, residents and business. The logo also features a rise, that is not only inspired by Rutland’s geographical elevation, but alludes to Rutland’s rise and continued prosperity. The result is a logo that is simple and positive. 

The current positioning line, designed to amplify the brand, is “We’re just getting started”. This, as is the nature with positioning lines, can change moving forward, but for now represents the healthy, vigorous and forward thinking community that is, and has always been, Rutland. 



This project is highly-innovative and and involved many of our key competencies, including marketing/branding, design, web development and more. Indeed, this project was a very intensive, yet highly rewarding, exercise. Tony Peyton, Brand Strategist for Csek Creative, has more than thirty years of experience in marketing and branding and has openly described the process of rebranding Rutland as one of the biggest challenges he has faced in the industry. But, of course, the greatest challenges offer the greatest rewards and the team at Csek Creative is proud of the ‘Our Rutland’ project and the positive impact that it has had, and will continue to have, on the community.

This project is a Rutland community legacy piece. It is relevant today, but will remain relevant in 2024, 2034 and beyond.