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Okanagan Hockey School: Mixing Design and Functionality for Success

Published: February 02 2009

Every summer, Okanagan Hockey School (OHS) takes thousands of kids from across the globe and trains them to become better players. This is no small feat. With over 46 years in operation, OHS has managed to attract kids from over 27 countries, as well as bring its expertise to countries such as United States, England, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, China, United Arab Emirates, Austria and others. OHS has also recently partnered with NHL teams such as Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers, and Dallas Stars to bring their hockey camps to new markets. So how does OHS manage well over 6000 kids over the course of a couple months?

They call us.

Several months ago, we introduced the world to the redesigned HockeySchools.com website, and while the site is impressive on its own, it’s what happens behind the scenes that truly make it unique. First, a little bit of info about the website. With over 250 pages, and four branded skins (one for OHS, one for Edmonton, one for Calgary, and one for Dallas), the site provides an excellent resource for any parent looking for an opportunity for their young hockey players. Parents can register their students for the camps online in a PCI-compliant environment. Parents can also come back at anytime and manage the camps their children have been enrolled in, as well as any extra features or services that OHS provides. This is where the fun begins!

Once a student has registered, the website does a number of things that make the management of the sheer volume of registrations possible. It speaks to the registrations department of OHS so they know who is coming and when. It talks to the coaches, to tell them whom they will be teaching, including information such as allergies or any possible medical conditions. It talks to accounting so payments and accounts can be tracked, as well as give accurate revenue reporting. Within seconds of a parent registering their child, every department in OHS is working on making sure that they provide the best possible experience to the new young hockey player. This is what separates Okanagan Hockey School from its competitors. By freeing up resources with the help of the internet, OHS can concentrate on what it does best – making best young hockey players in the world.

To find out more about OHS, please visit HockeySchools.com. To find out more about DotCom Media, feel free to check us out at DotComMedia.ca.