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Marketing support not in the budget? We’ve got you covered.

Published: October 24 2022

When we work with clients on their marketing strategies, we often tell them to start with a “marketing wish list” of all the things they would love to do, given the time and resources.

But, if you run a small local business, you probably know the struggle of not being able to afford your wish list items. 

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of running a highly successful digital ad campaign with eye-catching graphics and a catchy tagline that puts Nike’s “Just Do It” to shame. But when you looked at the hourly rate of graphic designers and content writers, you settled for some organic Instagram posts you could create in-house.

Or maybe you, like many business owners, have heard over and over again that video content is a must-have for your marketing strategy. A polished video would definitely be an asset for your business, but the cost of producing one can be a real barrier for small companies.

What if we told you that, even if your marketing budget is small (or even nonexistent), there is still a way you can access the services of a local agency?

The AuctionNow program run by our parent company NowMedia Group allows local businesses to pay for marketing services using their own product, service or gift cards. Read on for the details!

How AuctionNow works

Your product, service or gift card, with a minimum value of $250, will be uploaded to the AuctionNow platform, along with your high resolution logo and images of your item(s).

Once the auction item has sold, your business will receive credit for services provided by NowMedia Group for the equivalent dollar amount of the sale – you’ll have 12 months to use the credit as of the sale date!

For example, if you provide a product valued at $500 and it is sold to the highest bidder at $450, your company will receive a $450 credit. If it sells for $750, you will receive a $750 credit.

What can I spend my credit on?

You can spend your auction credit on any product or service offered by Csek Creative or the other divisions of NowMedia Group.

The best options for you will depend on your business and the credit amount you receive. If you want to use your credit to decrease the cost of a larger deliverable, (for example, putting a $750 credit towards a $7,500 website), we recommend picking something that will give you the biggest bang for your buck—that is, pick something that will have a long-lasting impact on your business’s success. 

We also have options for businesses that wish to purchase something that is as close to their credit amount as possible.

Here are some of our recommendations:

  • Give your brand a boost by purchasing advertising or sponsored content on a NowCities platform near you. We offer several options to have your business seen by a large audience, including contesting, lifestyle content and display ads.
  • Get graphic design support from our expert team of designers. You can put your auction credit towards a campaign, publication, infographic or print collateral that you’ll get lots of life out of.
  • Improve your SEO by putting your credit towards a full audit and strategy that will help your website be seen by a larger audience, no ads necessary.
  • Give your website a refresh by using your credit to pay for some copywriting expertise. We’ll help you get your key messaging and tone across in every word on your site.
  • Buy space in one of our business publications. You can advertise or have a profile professionally written about you and your business. 

Get started today

If you want to know more about the program, have questions about whether your product or service would be a good fit, or are ready to get started, get in touch with one of our sales reps today!

Email [email protected] or call us at 250-862-8010.

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