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Marketing eNewsletters to subscribe to

As a business owner, it’s important to stay on top of current marketing news, trends and tips. But let’s be honest, being a business owner is practically synonymous with being busy. You probably don’t have time to scan the web every day, searching for the useful bits of information that exist amongst all the clutter.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have reliable marketing news and ideas delivered right to your fingertips, organized and ready for you to enjoy? Well good news, this is made possible with eNewsletters!

eNewsletters are great because you’ll get lots of helpful information with zero effort. They get sent right to your e-mail, so you don’t even have to remind yourself to search for information - just wait for the notification that it's in your inbox and give it a read whenever a couple of spare minutes happen to appear throughout your day.

We’ve compiled a quick list of eNewsletters that will help keep you up to date with the latest marketing news and tips.

Digiday Daily


To stay up to date on what’s going in the media and marketing industries with regards to technology, Digiday Daily eNewsletter is a good one to subscribe to. It’s honest, to-the-point and covers an array of topics. Read it all, or scan the newsletter for topics that are relevant to you and delve in.

<who> Photo from digiday.com </who>

Photo from digiday.com

Marketing Dive


Marketing Dive’s eNewsletter is perfect for busy lifestyles since their goal is to provide you with an overview of the marketing industry in a minute or less. Their eNewsletter covers everything from social media to marketing technology to SEO, and you’ll become a marketing news pro just by giving it a scan. If an article catches your eye and you’d like to know more, just give it a click.

<who> Photo from marketingdive.com </who>

Photo from marketingdive.com



Inbound is an information hub for marketers, and their eNewsletter is cool because it’s customizeable. You can choose the topics you’d like to know about and how often, and you’ll have great marketing articles delivered right to your inbox!

<who? Photo from inbound.org </who>

Photo from inbound.org

These three eNewsletters are a great place to get started on your quest to dominating the world of marketing!

What marketing eNewsletters are you subscribed to?