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Introducing Innov8 Digital Solutions

Published: February 20 2014

Every business has problems that need solutions. For some businesses, the problem lies in getting started, which was the case for a Kelowna-based office solutions provider when they came to Csek Creative.
A desire to make a lifestyle change spurred Andre to embark on a new journey of his own, after a number of years as a partner in Digitex, a provider of office equipment, rentals, and services. Digitex acquired the Kelowna-based Lakeside Office, a business that had been servicing the area for “forever”. When family-man Andre wanted to branch out on his own, his partners in Digitex bought him out, and Andre in turn purchased the Kelowna Digitex location.
Andre found himself at a unique crossroads. His new business could not continue to be Digitex, but reverting to the former Lakeside Office branding would come with some potential issues of its own. The team at Csek Creative worked with Andre to create an entirely new and innovative identity for the digital solutions business. In fact, the new identity and business is so innovative, that it was dubbed Innov8.
Csek Creative also worked with Andre to establish the core values of Innov8 - the keys to the business that will help to guide decisions and interactions with staff, clients, and customers. The marketing exercise lead to “The 8 Pillars of Innov8”.
With the name and values of the business established, it was time to turn to the visual identity of the brand; If Innov8 were a logo, what would it look like?
To start, Innov8 provides colour-copying solutions, so the new look should be infused with bright, vibrant colour. Because the business strives to constantly evolve with changes to the digital office, the logo itself should be equally forward-thinking. The answers to these questions and problems lead to the design of a completely unique, eye-catching logo.
Innov8 branding example
In turn, the logo dictated marketing pieces that would be clean and modern, allowing the viewer to be drawn to the logo itself. This use of negative space makes the white as essential to the visual identity of the Innov8 brand as the colours and images themselves.
Finally, Csek Creative worked closely with Andre to establish a large-scale marketing campaign that has seen a saturation of the Innov8 brand in the local market, including stadium advertising, billboards, airport advertising, and the launch of a new responsive website, firmly marking the arrival of a new digital office solutions provider in the Okanagan.