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Introducing Csek Creative

Published: August 12 2010

The year for DotCom Media was filled with some very amazing events. To start with, we want to thank all our clients for the exceptional opportunities they have given us to be creative. Together we launched 7 brands, 36 websites with custom designs, 4 of which were PCI-compliant, e-commerce sites, and all of which were managed by our custom built content management system we've codenamed "Simple" because of it's ease-of-use. Another high-point was when Ryan and Spiro joined Nikki and Jim in ownership of the company.

But it doesn't end there. Did you know that the World Wide Web (as we know it today) is just over 15 years, about 5500 days old (we've been here for 3700+ of them)? Have you noticed how fast it's changed? We certainly have. The scale, depth, and complexity of the work we've done this past year is testament to that. As such we've noticed that our name "DotCom" Media has become a little dusty and dog-eared. A Brand is the unique personality, spirit, attitude, and business practices a company owns which creates a picture in the minds of its customers. Through our work, through the evolution of the Internet, from the challenges presented to us by our clients, and from the solutions we've built for them, the Brand of DotCom Media has changed.

Websites, it seems, have become only part of what we do. We've turned into a "thinking" marketing agency. A company where our ideas are just as important as the end product. Where our advice, and experience, and the simple act of asking questions help clients overcome new obstacles.

As we go through life, the people behind DotCom Media - Nikki, Jim, Ryan, Spiro, Dennis, Sara, Dylan, Stacie, and John - wish to continue to be a part of the growth and changes that our customers are experiencing. To see the challenges they need to overcome. To advise them and give them the boosts, the encouragement, the acknowledgment, and the advice they need to overcome their challenges and to enjoy their journey to wherever it is they wish to go.

Our new name, this August, therefore is Csek Creative. It's the same great team behind DotCom Media, just with a splash of colour and a dash of new life. We look forward to the next 10 years with you.

-The Team at Csek Creative (DotCom Media)