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Influencing Opinions - Launching OurRutland.ca

Published: August 25 2014

The Uptown Rutland Business Association (URBA) is an organization that is eager to inform people of the true nature of Rutland. Funded by the local government, URBA is tasked with the goal of supporting and fostering businesses in the Rutland Business Improvement Area. Those who are familiar with the Kelowna community will know that this is not always an easy task, and while many believe Rutland to be “Kelowna’s Friendliest Community”, others believe it to be the ‘bad’ part of town.

As part of their overall mandate, URBA realized that they needed to showcase the rich history and vibrant community that is Rutland, helping to demonstrate that, far from being the ‘bad’ area of town, Rutland is actually a thriving community within a burgeoning city. A neighbourhood that is rich with vibrancy, offering an excellent place to live and work for young, old, and families.



As part of a larger rebranding process that has seen a renewed image for Rutland, Csek Creative developed OurRutland.ca.

The website invites people to rethink Rutland and what the community represents. OurRutland.ca invites viewers to invest in characters from the community’s past and present, including great pioneers like John Hope Rutland and Dan Gallagher. In addition to these stories of great Rutland community leaders, the site also highlights current Rutland news and events. Ultimately, the new website will go a long way towards helping the Uptown Rutland Business Association in changing certain negative perceptions about Rutland and the people and businesses that call the neighbourhood home.

While OurRutland.ca was designed and built for URBA, it is really a website about Kelowna. It promotes and tells the real story of this important part of our city, while sharing a greater vision for a prosperous future.. Our Rutland is more than a new website; it’s the beginning of a paradigm shift and Csek Creative is proud and honoured to be able to play a role in it.

Visit OurRutland.ca HERE.